Annual World Streetdance Showcase Competition 2013
Saturday 09. November 2013 @ Theater 11 Zurich
Host: Andrew Veluz Resurreccion & Alexandra Maurer (Joiz TV)

Dance2dance „The World Streetdance Streetdance Showcase Competition“ was created by two brothers Andrew and Irving Resurreccion, to bring all the different dance worlds together on one stage. This event features pre-selected professional dance teams from all over the world to compete in a two hour show, to see who’s got what it takes to stand alone, as the best of the best. The evening will also be rounded with other dancing and musical showacts. So don’t lose time, get your tickets now and experience the crazy world of music and dance. One thing is for sure, you won’t forget this visual spectacular any time soon!

Competing Troupes 2013 Show Acts 2013
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International Competitors:
Elektrolytes (USA)
Gameboyz (Netherlands)
Lil'Fam (Russia)
The Encore (Germany)
OuTRuLe Crew (Italy)

Swiss Competitors:
Bagesti (Zürich)
Inzane (Langenthal)
NxT GeN Project (Bern)
Rhythm Nation (Bern)

ASD Allstarz
(ASD School)

Jury 2013

Curtis Burger
Flora Forte
Grazia Covre
Lashaun Price
Rithiely Pereira

Prizes Program Tickets
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1. Place: 5000 CHF
2. Place: 1000 CHF
3. Place: 500 CHF


Doors open
Show begins

Tickets at Starticket:

Winner 2013:
1st Place: Lil'Fam (Russia)
2nd Place: The Encore (Germany)
3rd Place: Elektrolytes (USA)
Winner 2012:
1st Place: Academy of Villains (U.S.A.)
2nd Place: FMD Extreme (Philippines)
3rd Place: Unio Crew (Italy)
Winner 2011:
1st Place: Philippine Allstars (Philippinen)
2nd Place: Mos Wanted (USA)
3rd Place: FNF (Polen)
Winner 2010:
1st Place: Rhythm City (New York, U.S.A.)
2nd Place: Birdgang (London, England)
3rd Place: Rhythm Nation (Bern)
Winner 2008:
1st Place: Stylize (Zürich, Switzerland)
2nd Place: Rhythm City (New York, U.S.A.)
3rd Place: Birdgang (London, England)
Winner 2007:
1st Place: Stylize (Zürich, Switzerland)
2nd Place: N-Effect (New York, U.S.A.)
3rd Place: Smoothness (Zürich, Switzerland)
Winner 2006:
1st Place: Dance2XS (London, England)
2nd Place: Bounce Streetdance Co.
(Stockholm, Sweden)
3rd Place: Maestro (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Winner 2005:
1st Place: Bounce Streetdance Co.
(Stockholm, Schweden)
2nd Place: Dance2XS (London, England)
3rd Place: Stylize (Zürich, Switzerland)

Congratulations to our winners!
And thank you to everyone that helped supporting Dance2Dance!
Partners / Sponsors:
Theater 11
Flow 60